For far too long accounting has been that piece of work that just needs to be dealt with, completed and done, deadlines met. With all due respect, something that gets handed off to a department or an accountant. All of which may still be the case today but what if there was a way of doing it with some excitement, understanding and enthusiasm? Is it really possible to look forward to your weekly finance meetings or shareholder conferences? The answer lies in our vision, our sole purpose is to make this possible – we want to speak your language when talking numbers. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business or a freelancer, our goal is to make you see and understand your financials the way you see the world. For example, for a small business what does it mean to control cost and how important is maintaining the right level of quality without compromising your brand or driving away existing customers. An entrepreneur maybe more interested in his vision, growth and future prospects of his company, however, wouldn’t it be more empowering if he also knew how to do it, what the numbers really meant, how to get more investment into the company and what makes the most sense with regards to how the company is organized from a tax point? By giving you the know-how we believe you would be in a better decision-making position, you would not only have a clear focus but also be well-equipped to get to where you need to be.

From personal experience, having worked in both public accounting and private corporations, one of the common challenges within businesses today has been their ability to fully understand and comprehend their financials to clients, senior management, shareholders, auditors, the government and in some cases even themselves and doing so in a timely manner. In most cases, there is a significant gap in what the numbers are saying and what is derived. For instance,when was the right time to invest, franchise, sell shares or to branch out and take on new prospects? To an entrepreneur it may seem a great idea to hire a celebrity brand ambassador but when coupled with the best time to doing so i.e. summer; when your sales are at a high point or perhaps at another budgeted time, it maybe a win-win for both management and the owner given you’re better informed about how well your business does, the high/low points of sales and so on. To the business owner, who is out there meeting people, making connections and looking for opportunities everyday it is imperative that he has accurate information at the right time in order to build in the right direction i.e. franchise out in order to establish brand and market share, downsize and maintain costs or when to outsource certain parts of the business or should he move to SAP from legacy systems for instance.

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